Replacing Sewing Machine Parts for Extended Life

Sewing machines today are very well-built machines. They will usually last for years without much trouble. When trouble does arise, only a few sewing machine parts will require replacement. Case in point is the myriad of antique sewing machines that are still in use today. Although they are still capable of doing the job, replacement sewing machine parts are becoming harder to come by, especially if the original manufacturer is no longer in business. In most cases, the original manufacturer is the best source for sewing machine parts. However, there are now companies whose specialty is making sewing machine parts. A good machine will last a lifetime.

Sewing machines are a mixture of old-time form and durability with modern electronics. Most parts need only a regular schedule of maintenance. Some parts will require replacement more frequently, such as belts, needles, and light bulbs. These smaller parts are easily replaced and can be found at many sewing-oriented retailers. When you buy replacement parts, you can either buy them from the original manufacturer or buy universal parts which fit many brands of sewing machines.

Some replacement parts are not as easy to find or replace. For example, bobbins, feet attachments, and needle plates can only be found from a sewing machine shop or dealer. To ensure that the replacement parts fit your particular sewing machine, the dealer or sewing machine shop will need the specific model and part number.

Like an automobile, many sewing machines can be retrofitted with after-market parts to add to its functionality. New sewing machines usually come with basic accessories, such as a zipper foot or a pressure foot. Specialized jobs such as quilting or ruffles can be done by purchasing an add-on attachment from the dealer. When buying after-market parts, make sure that the accessories are made to fit your particular make and model of sewing machine. Typically, after-market attachments made by a manufacturer are limited to their specific brand.

If you have one of the more popular brands, such as Singer, you can find dedicated suppliers or repair shops whose sole function is to sell and service that one particular brand. They can also help you to maintain your sewing machine. Maintenance is key to a long lasting machine. You can search the internet for suppliers of parts on the famous name brand and you will be surprised at the fact that there still are people who sevice the old machines.


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